Boycott gave critical response to critics after receiving the title of ‘Knight’

England's Geoffrey Boycott may have been criticized for being named a knight for an old case of domestic violence in France, but he said he had received this honor only because of cricket and did not care for criticism. The former Prime Minister of Britain Theresa May gave Boycott the title of Knight.

It was criticized by Harriet Harman, a UK female parliamentarian, on the grounds that Baycott was convicted by a French court in 1998 on charges of beating her then girlfriend. "I don't care for it," Boycott said in a BBC Radio Four program. She is 25 years old. 25 years ago in a French court he tried to blackmail me for one million pounds. I refused because in England, if you give money in this way, then people feel that something must have been wrong.

He said, 'I refused to give anything. I did not even have that much money at that time. Boycott, who has scored 8114 runs in 108 Tests for England, said, "I have received the title of Knight for my contribution to cricket.

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