Bengal Cricket Association (CAB) President Abhishek Dalmia has held hands with the Sundarbans Foundation to take care of 10 families living in the timberland zone. The Sundarbans backwoods extends for a few kilometers among India and Bangladesh and is included in the World Heritage of the United Nations (UN). Numerous individuals have lost their lives because of lion assaults around there.

The lockdown forced due to coronavirus has enormously influenced their lives. In this manner, a NGO named Sundarbans Foundation chose to support them and looked for help from Abhishek. With the assistance of Abhishek, this NGO will convey nourishment parcels to in excess of 100 families. The originator of NGO Prasanjeet Mandal stated, Our NGO is associated with social work from numerous points of view. In any case, the most serious issue as of now is that these individuals are incredibly influenced because of the lockdown. We are grateful to Abhishek that he helped us and we trust that he will do as such in future too.

Abhishek stated, Sundarbans Foundation called us and discussed the circumstance. We quickly consented to it.

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