Coach Shastri changed Rohit Sharma on KL Rahul’s bad form

Trying to dismiss speculation over differences between Indian captain Virat Kohli and limited overs team vice-captain Rohit Sharma, the chief said Ravi Shastri should not be seen as a difference of opinion. Shastri, who had earlier termed the news of the alleged differences between the two senior players, was once again asked about this.

Shastri told, "When there are 15 players in a team, there is always a time when there is a difference of opinion. This is needed. I do not want everyone to say the same thing. He said, 'There should be discussions and only then one can think of a new strategy which should be promoted. So you have to give players a chance to express themselves and then decide what is best.

Shastri said, "Sometimes it can be the most junior player in the team who can put forward a strategy that we may not have thought of and we need to consider it. Therefore it should not be seen as a difference of opinion. Even before the Indian team left for the Caribbean tour, Kohli dismissed reports of differences. Shastri, who was re-appointed as the coach of the Indian team until the T20 World Cup 2021, said that if there were serious differences with Kohli, Rohit would not have scored five centuries in the World Cup.

Shastri said, "I am part of the dressing room for the last five years. I have seen how the boys are playing and how they are making the team stronger and they know their work ethic. I think this is utter nonsense. He said, "If that happens, how would Rohit score five centuries in the World Cup? How does Virat do what he is doing? How do they form a partnership together?

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