In the Under 19 ODI match, this fast bowler has been killed, let alone the entire team out

During the Women's Under 19 match in Andhra Pradesh. Chandigarh's fast bowler and captain Kashvi Gautam single handedly sent the entire team (10 players) to the pavilion against Arunachal Pradesh. During this time he gave away only 12 runs. This may surprise you but it is true and its video has also been shared by BCCI.

Batting first, Chandigarh scored 186 runs thanks to captain Kashvi (49), wicketkeeper Simran Johal (42) and Mehul (41). At the same time, to achieve this goal, the Arunachal team faced Kashi's blazing bowling and they alone dismissed 10 players. Kashvi bowled 4.5 overs, gave 12 runs and Arunachal's team was all out for 25 runs while playing 8.5 overs. Thus due to Kashvi, Arunachal lost by a big margin of 161 runs.

These players have also taken 10 wickets in an innings

Before Kashvi, another fast bowler, Rax Singh, took 10 wickets in an innings in the Cooch Behar Trophy in the year 2018. Rax Singh of Manipur also did this feat against Arunachal. He took 10 wickets for 11 runs. At the same time, in the matter of international cricket, only two bowlers have been able to do this, one of which is England and the other is Indian cricket. In 1956, England off-spinner Jim Laker made history with all 10 wickets against Australia and in 1999, Anil Kumble took all 10 wickets of Pakistan in the Kotla Test.

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