Kapil Dev saddened by Under-19 World Cup final match, said- cricket is not a gentleman game

Captain Kapil Dev, who won India's first Cricket World Cup, has given a statement regarding the sentence in the Under-19 World Cup final match. Kapil has said that if we look at the current time, Cricket Gentleman cannot call a game. What happened in South Africa in the Under-19 World Cup final match was a terrible scene.

Kapil got very angry watching the India and Bangladesh cricketers fighting in the Under-19 World Cup final in South Africa and they said these scenes are terrible and said that the game was not a gentleman game. He also urged the BCCI to take strict action against those who are at fault. Who is saying cricket is a gentleman game, it is not a gentleman game, it was.

Kapil further said that you lost the match, you have no right to go back on the field and fight anyone, return. You should blame the captain, the manager and the people sitting outside more. When you are an 18 year old boy, you do not understand all these things. But if you are a manager, it is your responsibility to take care of the situation.

The statement from both the captains came after the Under-19 World Cup final match in which Bangladesh captain Akbar Ali apologized for the entire episode, while Indian team captain Priyam Garg said that we could ignore this.

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