Langer’s guidance and Penn’s leadership made Australia a success: Shriram

Former Indian player and Australian team spin bowling coach Sreedharan Sriram said that after the ball tampering episode in Cape Town, coach Justin Langer's guidance and Tim Paine's amazing captaincy led to the Ashes series. Sriram's role is shown in two episodes of the web series "The Test", which he said that everything in it is real, nothing is filmed again.

The former all-rounder, who has played eight ODIs for India, has been a part of Australian cricket's difficult turnaround after ball tampering in which stringent measures were taken to improve the team's behavior with the suspension of players. The team, however, benefited greatly from Langer's guidance and Penn's amazing ability to lead. Shriram said, "What you are seeing (webseries) is completely real. Nothing has been shot again. All visuals are real.

The highlight of this eight episode webseries is Langer's facial expressions, sparking Penn's ability as captain, and players like Steve Smith and David Warner to rejoin the team. Sriram said, "I think this is a wonderful story of our (Australian team's) journey from Cape Town to the end of the Ashes. I consider myself very lucky to be a part of it. When asked about joining the Australian system, he said, 'As I said, I consider myself very lucky to be a part of this journey and it is a great group of people to work with.

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