Lara praised Warner after scoring a triple century, said this big thing

West Indies batsman Brian Lara has revealed that if David Warner broke his record for the highest individual score in Test cricket, he was ready to congratulate the Australian batsman. Lara told that when he broke the record of his compatriot Gary Sobers, he also congratulated him.

In fact, during a conversation with a website, Brian Lara said, "I was hoping that he would catch me and leave me behind and that's why I hoped he could give him a chance to play further." Lara said, "It would have been wonderful to go there (as Sobers did)". Records are made for breaking. It feels fantastic when aggressive players break them. Entertainers. Being in Adelaide, I had a chance that if I do not go to the stadium, at least I will be able to meet him on this occasion.

The 50-year-old former West Indies batsman said that Warner can still achieve this feat. He added, "I still think Warner has had time to do this during his career. I know it will not be easy but once you score 300 runs you know how to reach 400 runs. He might get another chance. Let me tell you that Lara broke the record for the best individual test score twice. He first broke Sobers' 36-year-old record of 365 runs in 1994 against England by scoring 375 runs. After this, in 2004 he improved his own record and scored an unbeaten 400 runs.

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