Sachin speaks before the tour of New Zealand – India can trouble the hosts

Master blaster Sachin Tendulkar said that the behavior of New Zealand pitches has changed a lot and India has the ability to bat on these pitches with which they can put the hosts in trouble. Tendulkar has toured New Zealand for a record five times from 1990 to 2009. He said that when he went to New Zealand on his first tour, the pitches helped the fast bowlers a lot, while in 2009 it became very easy to score runs on his last tour.

Tendulkar said, "There has been a change in New Zealand's pitches which has led to a lot of runs in Test matches in the recent year. The Indian team will play five T20 Internationals, three ODIs and two Test matches on the tour of New Zealand starting on 24 January." Tendulkar has been part of the team that played ODI and Test series on the Ghasiali pitch in 2002 and then defeated New Zealand in the 2009 Test series. The Indian team then won the Test series in New Zealand after 32 years.

He said, "I remember when I played there in 2009, Hamilton's pitch behavior was different from other pitches. The other pitches (Wellington and Napier) were tough but not Hamilton's. She was soft. Tendulkar said, "Napier's pitch hardened with the passage of time (Gautam Gambhir saved the match here by scoring a century while batting here for more than 12 hours in 2009)." I felt that the pitches became tighter than in my first tour (1990 to 2009). The former India veteran said, "We have a great attack of fast and spin bowlers. I believe that we have full potential to compete in New Zealand. Tendulkar, however, said that the team would have to be ready to deal with the impact of the wind in Wellington.

Master Blaster said, "I played in Wellington and it makes a lot of difference if you are bowling with the wind or from the opposite direction of the wind." The batsman should be careful about which side he wants to attack, this is very important. Tendulkar said that he would like the spinner to bowl from the opposite direction of the wind. He said, "Fast bowlers who bowl from the opposite direction of the wind will have to work smarter.

If the wind speeds up then I would like the spinner to bowl from the opposite end and the fast bowler bowls with the wind. Tendulkar said that Rohit Sharma's experience of ODIs will be useful in Tests. He said, “It will be challenging to open the innings under different circumstances. I think Rohit has made his ODI debut in New Zealand and he has played there many times. He is aware of the conditions there but Test cricket has its own challenge.

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