Shoaib Akhtar fires Sehwag again, says – Rohit has better technique than him

Shoaib Akhtar has been in the news since once due to his sharp comments on social sites. This time he has targeted former India opener Virender Sehwag. Actually, Rohit Sharma had a great performance in the first Test played between India and South Africa. Akhtar first praised Rohit Sharma on his YouTube channel and later said that he has better technique than Sehwag.

Akhtar said that when a middle-order batsman comes to bat for the Indian team, he goes towards becoming a better batsman. We first saw this happening with Virendra Sehwag and now something similar is happening with Rohit Sharma. Akhtar described Rohit's batting technique as superior to Sehwag's technique.

Akhtar said - Rohit is above Sehwag in batting technique. Sehwag had the aggression and the will to throw the ball outside the boundary line. But Rohit has great timing. They also have variation in shots.

Akhtar said- Rohit was playing Test cricket like a test before, but as soon as he adopted the ODI style in Test, his batsman flourished. It is a good thing that they will get benefit going forward.

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