South Africa’s greatest all-rounder to be father, wife is beauty peasant

Jack Kallis, one of South Africa's greatest all-rounders, is about to become a father. Jack has revealed this by sharing a photo with his wife Charlize Angels on his Instagram account. Actually, Jack had arrived with his wife at the wedding of former South African captain Graeme Smith. During this, he shared a photo taken on his Instagram account and wrote that we have reached here.

When the fire broke out before Kallis-Charlize's wedding

Jack Kallis and Charlize married this year. It was later revealed that there was a fire at the venue before their wedding. Cricket fans came to know about this when the famous wading planner Nick Nikolau put a photo of the new couple on his Instagram account. Nick also revealed a shocking reveal along with the photo. He wrote in his post- I wish you all the time to keep the fire burning.

After this, it came out that the place where Kallis' wedding was scheduled, there was a fire before the program. The fire was so terrible that at one time there was talk of marriage being held until the postpone. But as the rescue work intensified, the program took place on schedule.

Kallis shared a photo of the honeymoon

Jack Kallis has also posted a photo of him going on a honeymoon with new bride Charlize on his Instagram account. In this, he wrote - We are coming honeymoon. In the above picture, Kallis is seen sitting on the plane with Charlize.

Charlize wrote Insta for marriage. But sweet talk

Charlize also posted a wadding photo with Kallis on her Instagram account. He wrote - From now on, official Mr. and Mrs. Kallis. We are very excited before starting a new chapter of our life. It started with fire.

Now all we need to do is to keep the fire in our marriage. We thank you for all phone calls and received messages. Anyway many times the words are reduced to thanks. But still we are trying to respond to every message.

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