Tahila McGrath’s Super Zigzag Delivery, Eyes Will Be Open

In the match played between Western Australia and South Australia during the Women's National Cricket League, female bowler Tahila McGrath bowled such a ball which is being discussed on social media. After the said ball of Tahila was dropped from the hand, the wicket of the batsman jigged and blew. The batting woman cricketer could not believe that the ball swung so much and took his wicket.

However, in the said match, Western Australia captain Chloe Pipro decided to bat after winning the toss. Bowler Tahila scored 2 for 35 in the first six overs. But after this, Captain Pipro scored 76 to bring the score to 251. After this Tahila and Meghan Scutt started bowling for their team. While Tahila took two wickets with 56 runs, Meghan took 3 wickets for 35 runs.

The special thing is that during the match Tahila McGrath's bat also produced a brilliant 93 runs. He scored this in 87 balls with the help of 15 fours. Despite the said batting by Tahila, South Australia were reduced to 238 runs. But this ball of Tahila was discussed during the match.

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