Why do Indian cricketers kill their loved ones on Delhi violence

The riots in Delhi in the country's capital shook everyone. Indian cricket players have also given their reactions to this issue regarding the riots in the capital Delhi. Former India players Virender Sehwag, Yuvraj Singh, Mohammad Kaif and legendary spin bowler Harbhajan came on Twitter and spoke to Babaki.

Indian team player Harbhajan while speaking on social media said that why are he killing his own loved ones. I request all of you not to harm each other.

While Sehwag wrote in tweet that you request that all of you keep peace in Delhi and any kind of loss is like a stain on this great country. I appeal to all to maintain peace.

Yuvraj Singh while speaking on the riots in Delhi said that peace and unity should be maintained. It is expected that the authorities will handle such situations well. After all, we are all one human beings and need love and respect among ourselves.

Mohammad Kaif said in his tweet that in human history violence and hatred has never settled anyone's house but only loss has been done. We are the most diverse creature in this world and we should use it in the right place. May you be united for your future, children and India.

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