Yograj told this innings of son Yuvraj, special, said – I have not seen such passion in anyone

There is a lockdown all over the country due to Corona virus and all the people are sitting at home. During this, former cricketer and current actor Yograj Singh had a special conversation with Punjab Kesari. During the question and answer, Yograj talked about his special innings while talking about former Indian all-rounder and son Yuvraj Singh and also explained why this innings is most special for him.

Yograj Singh said that as long as there is no fire, there is no chest pain, the volcano is not boiling, then nothing happens. Things have to go out of the way (off the beaten path). God has a huge hand in making Yuvraj. He said that I did not expect him to be such a big player. He said that I am also his fan. If someone is writing poetry, then while playing with Yuvraj, I used to think that God is writing poetry.

He said that not only the father but also as a coach that I am a big fan of his class, his aerogens, playing, walking and shooting style. During the match, he has won by losing to him in 90 percent innings. Has excellent partnerships with Mahendra Singh Dhoni (former Indian captain). But I think there is an inning that has played a very amazing inning which was 50 against Australia in the quarter final.

Yograj said, that inning is also important because he was fighting cancer. Blood was seeping from his mouth, becoming tired. At that time I used to think in my heart that nothing should happen. I feel that emerging from those things, having played for my country and team, having cancer, I have not seen such passion in any other player. This is more than any of his innings and I salute him. Such a son should be born from house to house, which is necessary that my country, my countrymen are important. This is what I give her shingles.

During this, while raising the curtain from a secret, Yograj said that there was frequent blood coming out of his mouth, then I called him and said that we leave the match and show the doctor first. He told me, Father, that you believe in God a lot, do a lot of text-worship, I should die even if I talk to my God but I have the World Cup in my hands for my country and countrymen. I will understand that your penance is complete.

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