Akhtar retorted on Gavaskar’s India-Pakistan series statement, gave this answer

Former Pakistan bowler Shoaib Akhtar's statement about the Indo-Pak series to raise funds amid Corona virus is on hold. In this case, everyone is talking about it. Recently, Sunil Gavaskar had said that there could be snowfall in Lahore but there could not be an Indo-Pak series. Shoaib Akhtar responded by sharing two photos saying that nothing is impossible.

Akhtar gave a direct answer to Gavaskar and shared two photos on Twitter. In it, Gavaskar's Indo-Pak series statement in one photo and snowfall in Lahore is shown in another. Simultaneously written, Sunny Bhai, Lahair had received snowfall last year. Therefore nothing is impossible.

It may be noted that Gavaskar had spoken to former Pakistani captain Rameez Raja on YouTube channel that there might be snowfall in Lahore, but India-Pakistan bilateral series could not happen in such circumstances. Both teams will play against each other in ICC tournaments and World Cups, but a bilateral series is not possible.

Before Gavaskar, Kapil Dev also said on Akhtar's suggestion that we do not want to raise funds by playing with Pakistan. We have money, India does not need money. It is necessary for us now that we work together with our authority and fight the war against this epidemic.

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