Covid 19: Chappell gave this special appeal to people, giving the example of Tendulkar-Redpath

Former Australia captain Ian Chappell compared the current epidemic of Kovid-19 to a five-day match and said that to cope with the crisis, it is necessary for everyone to maintain patience and determination and take a little initiative that a Test cricketer Has major characteristics. Chappell cited the impressive innings of Sachin Tendulkar and fellow Australian opener Ian Redpath in support of his point.

Chappell wrote in his column, "The challenging times of the present are the test hour for many citizens around the world. I have learned that the rules that apply to players who leave indelible marks in sports are helpful in life. He said, "When the Kovid-19 pandemic is wreaking havoc, citizens of all countries need to maintain patience, determination and take some initiative. These are essential features for playing Test cricket at a high level.

Chappell gave the example of Tendulkar's 1998 innings against Australia in the Chennai Test where he dominated Shane Warne with his aggressive attitude. He said, 'I have chosen 2 impressive innings to support my point. The first of these innings was Sachin Tendulkar's 1998 innings in Chennai. India had won the Test match on the basis of an excellent 155 runs of their second innings, but this would not have been possible without the preparations made by Tendulkar before the series. Chappell said, "Tendulkar then asked former Indian all-rounder Ravi Shastri how he can dominate Australia's star leg spinner if Shane Warne bowls the ball in the rough area.

The veteran Australian said, 'Shastri's answer was in line with his general understanding. He said, 'Due to my stature, I used to pitch the ball at the rough side of Warne, but I would not do it. You should adopt an aggressive attitude to play Warne balls made on the footprint. He said, "Following this advice, Tendulkar practiced in front of such balls of former Indian leg-spinner Laxman Sivaramakrishnan on the MRF nets. Chappell called it one of Tendulkar's best innings, showing the initiative and commitment of this star batsman.

Chappell also referred to Redpath's innings played against the West Indies in Melbourne in 1976. He said, "Combine the patience of Redpath with Tendulkar's initiative and determination. Then you will have the necessary qualities to avoid this deadly pandemic.

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