Do the umpires dominate the star cricketer?

There are questions on the level of umpiring in the IPL due to the mistakes of Sundaram Ravi and Ulhas Gandha, but by expressing their anger in public, Mahendra Singh Dhoni has given rise to the debate whether the star players threaten the officials easily. For the first time in his golden career, the two-time world cup winner, the former Indian captain Dhoni got entangled with the umpire odor on the field, on Thursday night The EPL match was withdrawn after Nobal.

Hariharan of the famous umpire said, "Star players try to put pressure on the umpires but the umpires have to see whether they come under pressure or not. It depends on the umpire's personality. Earlier, Virat Kohli had angered the ICC Elite Panel umpire Ravi if he did not pay attention to Lasith Malinga's Noble in another match. Kohli said, "We are not playing club cricket. The umpires will have to work diligently.

Kohli did not even blame but the player can not publicly condemn the umpire's decision under the ICC Code of Conduct. Hariharan however said that all umpires do not come under the pressure of star players and who remain firm on their decisions, they get respect.

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