Miandad was upset when he saw his joke being made in the chat show, said – be ashamed of something

Former Pakistan great batsman Javed Miandad is once again in the news for his statement. Miandad is constantly being made fun of on a Pakistani news channel and in this program former fast bowler Shoaib Akhtar is also seen laughing at him. Miandad is upset about this and has come on his YouTube channel and said that the people of Pakistan should respect the former cricketers. We have made many sacrifices for Pakistan.

Miandad said on his YouTube channel that elders are respected, especially those who have served the country. You make fun of those who sacrificed for the country. Even a joke is fine, but it also has its limits. On one channel I was made a dummy and my name is also being taken. If anyone further attacks me directly, I will teach him a lesson legally.

Miandad further said that I am the one who has fought for this country all the time. If anyone has spoken against Pakistan, I have stood up against him and I am a true Pakistani. I have never done anything wrong with anyone, so I will not listen to anyone. When fixing issues started, I left cricket and got separated. People know me and respect me. Therefore, I request every channel person not to do such an act.

It may be noted that a legend on Miandad on Pakistan's news channel mimics him, on which the show host and Shoaib Akhtar present in the program laugh a lot and also applaud. Miandad is angry about this and showed his anger and even threatened to take legal action.

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