Mohammed Shami said on Chahal’s question – now girlfriend is not trusted

The spinner of the Indian cricket team, Yuzvendra Chalah, is in a mood of fun every moment. Amidst the lockdown, Chahal recently held talks with fast bowler Mohammed Shami. Speaking to a question by Chahal during a video chat on Instagram, Shami said that now girlfriends could not be trusted.

Chahal poses a few questions to Shami in the rapid fire round. During this time, Chahal asked Shami whether girlfriend or neighbors. Responding to this, Shami said that now there is no trust in girlfriends, hence the neighborhood. After hearing this from Shami, Chahal responded quickly. That's right, now you can only see the neighborhood in the lockdown.

During this time, Chahal did not even miss trolling Shami's enlarged beard and said that you have to run a mower on your beard, the trimmer will also have to charge 15 times. However, this time Shami fell heavily on Chahal and he stopped speaking of Chahal. Shami said, you too grow a beard like me or add compost or it will shave.

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