Person going unconscious outside Shami’s house going from Rajasthan to Bihar, player helped

The lockdown has been extended to May 3 in India due to the corona virus (Kovid-19) epidemic. In the hour of this crisis, laborers living in other cities and states and those who earn their livelihood daily have faced a lot of trouble. Indian fast bowler Mohammed Shami, during a live chat recently, told about one such person who was going from Rajasthan to Bihar and came out of Shami's house and fainted. When Shami saw the said person outside his house, he helped him and fed him.

Shami has shared the incident with Yuzvendra Chahal during a live chat on Instagram. Shami said that the person was coming from Rajasthan and had to go to Bihar. He had no means. I saw in the CCTV camera outside the house, that he had become unconscious near the door of my house starving. Seeing this, I provided him food and helped him. Shami said, the highway is close to my house, so I know how difficult people are. I am trying to help as much as possible.

During his conversation with Chahal, Shami also told what he is doing at home these days. Shami jokingly said that in this period of lockdown, Indian team players will definitely learn to cook. He said that I have learned to cook and I am helping my mother in the kitchen.

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