This England all-rounder was forced to eat cockroaches, Kohli is a big fan

Former England all-rounder Andrew Flintoff is very famous. Due to his all-rounder skills (ball and batting), he also had the power to turn the match dice. But after saying goodbye to cricket, he also had to do such shows in which he had to eat cockroaches.

The show was eaten with cockroaches and more

Flintoff, who retired from the cricketer, is now seen in the role of an actor and anchor. He has also appeared in many reality shows. He got a task in the reality show, I Am Reality Get Me Out Of There, in Australia. During this time they had to eat insects and spiders. At first he hesitated a little but later he ate it as soon as he saw it to complete the task. Not only cockroaches, they also ate scorpions, rat tails etc. to remain in this show.

Have done murderous stunts

In addition to the reality show, Flintoff has also appeared in a famous BBC top show. In this show, he did a fatal stunt and fell down from a height of 500 feet while sitting in his car.

Flintoff is older than Kohli, believes bigger batsman than Sachin

In an interview last year, Flintoff called Indian captain Virat Kohli the best cricketer of all time, saying that he is a bigger batsman than Sachin Tendulkar. He had then said that he could never imagine that a cricketer could be compared to Sachin. Flintoff said, I love watching Virat Kohli play. He is a player who enjoys everyone with his cricket.

It may be noted that Flintoff has played 79 Tests and 141 ODIs and during this time he scored 3845 and 3394 runs respectively. With this, he has 226 wickets in Tests and 169 wickets in ODIs.

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