Anju was conceived in Kerala in the Kochuparambil group of Changanacheri. At first, her dad showed her games, later her educator at Korothode School built up her enthusiasm for sports. She finished her tutoring from CKM Korothode School and moved on from Vimala College. She won the 100m obstacles and hand-off races at the School Athletic Conference in 1991–92 and completed second in the long hop and high hop rivalries, along these lines turning into the ladies' victor. Anju's ability was seen at the national school games where she completed third in the 100-meter obstacles and 4×100 meter transfer. She was in Calicut University.

Vocation: Although she made her introduction with Heptathlon, she later began concentrating on bouncing rivalries and won the long hop title at the 1996 Delhi Junior Asian Championships. In 1999, Anju set a national precedent for triple hop in the Bangalore Federation Cup and got a silver decoration in the South Asian Federation Games held in Nepal. In 2001, Anju further improved her record of a long bounce to 6.74 meters at the National Circuit Meet held in Thiruvananthapuram. Around the same time, she won a gold award in the triple hop and long seize the National Games held in Ludhiana.

Anju additionally held the most elevated situation in her rivalries at the Hyderabad National Games. She won the bronze award at the Commonwealth Games in Manchester in 2002 by hopping 6.49 meters. She additionally won a gold decoration in the Asian Games held in Busan. She left a mark on the world by winning a bronze decoration at the World Athletics Championships held in Paris in 2003 at 6.70 meters, turning into the primary Indian competitor to win an award at the World Athletics Championships. She won a gold decoration at the 2003 Afro Asian Games. She did her own best at the Olympic Games in Athens in 2004, hopping 6.83 meters and completing 6th. In September 2005, at the sixteenth Asian Athletics Championships held in Incheon City, South Korea, she won a gold award by bouncing 6.65 meters in the ladies' long hop. She won the silver decoration in the IAAF World Athletics Final in 2005 by hopping 6.75 meters, which she thinks of her as best execution.

She won the silver award in the ladies' long seize the fifteenth Asian Games held in Doha in 2006. In the seventeenth Asian Athletics Championships in Amman (Jordan) in 2007, Anju hopped 6.65 meters to win the silver decoration and qualified for the World Championships in Osaka in August 2007 where she completed ninth. Anju made her season debut in 2008 with a silver award in the third Asian Indoor Championships held in Doha (Qatar) with a bounce of 6.38 meters and afterward improved her hop to the third South in Kochi (Kerala, India). She won the gold award in the Asian Athletics Championships by bouncing 6.50 meters.

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